Blues Matters

14th Annual Burnley Blues Festival
Burnley, UK
Monday 1st April 2002
Mike Prendergast

A short break again before Detroit born Marcus Malone enters the fray with an explosive set of mostly self-penned material, the bulk of which was taken from his new album “Walking Shoes.”

Marcus doesn’t play guitar on stage these days, which gives him a lot more freedom to express himself with his vocals. The guitar duties are now performed by twin guitarists Dan Smith and Stuart Dixon. These young guys can really tear the place down and trade licks all night long, even playing each others guitar at one point while still wearing their own! The rock-solid rhythm section of Adam Roman on drums and Brad Weismann on bass keep the pot boiling nicely while Moz Gamble supplies colourful key’s.

Marcus sings with a sweet soulful voice and has us all in the palm of his hand throughout an enjoyable show. Now that Nicky Moore has retired, I think we can safely say that Marcus is the new “Voice.” He has to be the most natural singer on the currant RnB circuit. He can handle Blues, Rock and Soul very convincingly.

He always gives great value for money and I have yet to hear anyone complain that his performances are not up to scratch.

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